Plumbing Inspection

At Blue Knight Services we love to offer our valued customers quality services with the most affordable prices. Our licensed plumbing experts complete a check – up list every time we do a repair or other plumbing services, so you don’t have to see us too often! Your plumbing system’s health is important to us and our check-up foresees any potential problems or repairs. It even prevents emergencies!

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Plumbing Inspections

Our plumbing checklist is used by our certified plumber to assess and evaluate the condition of your plumbing system. Our checklist involves:

 Protect the key components of your plumbing system. We inspect faucets, drains, toilets, pipes and more!

Our other Inspection Services Include:

What does a plumbing inspection comprise of?

Our quality plumbing inspection will include any place where water runs through your property. This includes sinks, toilets, tubs, lines and pipes. Our plumbers will check pipes and hydrants for leaks, both underneath and outside of your property as well as check for proper support to ensure anti-freeze protection. Water heaters and toilets usually gets an additional inspection. Water heaters will receive water temperature checks and have pressure relief valves and pipes tested before being flushed. Toilets will have their water levels, flappers, and filler mechanisms checked.

Plumbing inspection prices can vary depending on the size of your home or property, we at Blue Knight Services provide an in-depth inspection from a well-trained and licensed professional which enables us to accurately assess the costs involved with your plumbing project. We strive to offer you the most reasonable prices for your plumbing projects by openly and honestly communicating about the costs of our services.

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Our aim is to provide convenient plumbing inspection at prices which will save you! Regular check-ups could save you hundreds and regular maintenance is the surest way to prevent emergencies. For an affordable time and money saving plumbing inspection give us a call at Blue Knight Services, El Dorado, CA and book an inspection today.

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