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Is your garbage disposal not working as it once should? Does the repugnant smell of rotting garbage engulf you when you enter your kitchen. Does your garbage disposal make worrisome noises when you attempt to dispose of your garbage? Eliminate garbage in seconds and have your garbage disposal back to it’s original working condition with the professionals at Blue Knight Services. Take advantage of our unbeatable prices as well as the services of our outstanding team of qualified technicians by calling us to schedule an appointment today.

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Why invest in professional garbage disposal services?

With good garbage disposal systems clean-up becomes a breeze. Empty leftover food into the sink without the hassle of overflowing trash cans. Having a garbage disposal means saying goodbye to clogged pipes, mincing up your food debris and eradicating them through your sewers.

How do garbage disposals work?

Good garbage disposal has a number of components that require regular service checks such as the splash guard, shredder rings, impellers, flywheel, motors, upper hoppers, waste line and motor shafts which all work together cohesively to get rid of your garbage. The garbage is collected in a chamber which when switched on by the press of a button initiates the pulverizing of the waste, the waste then gets washed through to your sewage system.

Helpful tips to keep your garbage disposal in good shape

Safety precautions while using your garbage disposal

Why choose Blue Knight Services?

We are professional service providers who are dedicated to meeting all your plumbing services and requirements. We are based in in El Dorado Hills, CA, and have a passion for seeing our customers leave happy and satisfied. If you’re in need of garbage disposal services give us a call for a quote or to get answers to any questions you may have regarding garbage disposal service in in El Dorado Hills, CA.

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