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Are your drains clogged? Can’t seem to get to what’s causing the issue? Let us take a look. We have a trained eye when it comes to spotting irregularities in your plumbing system and we could save you loads of money on having to do it yourself.

Blue Knight Services does on site inspections meaning we will come to you and assess the nature of your plumbing service query in Placerville, CA and surrounding areas and we are well recognised amongst bathroom remodel companies. Call now for a quick quote and see the difference in using our services.

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Make your next plumbing solution stop at Blue Knight Services. We do it all, from kitchen plumbing, drain cleaning services, emergency plumbing services, sump pump installation, water softening in Placerville, CA and surrounding areas.

Our highly trained staff can help with installing new piping or repairing old piping and stock the best brands in plumbing parts and equipment. Don’t worry about the discomfort of having those unpleasant odours coming into your home and ruining your day. There could be a leak in your pipes underground, how would you know? You don’t have to. Just call us for a site inspection and we will be there at your convenience.

We can help you maintain your current plumbing or install new piping all around your home. What are you waiting for?

Water heater replacement or repair

Don’t take things for granted until it’s too late! Delaying on plumbing repairs is not only disastrous for your pocket but also for the structure of home or office, directly impacting the value of your property.

We will come to you at your convenience and evaluate the cause of the problem while developing a suitable, affordable solution for you, our valued customer. Leaks in the piping can cause your water heater to malfunction as it has to work harder to provide enough hot water at the correct pressure while having to deal with the challenge of recovering the water lost through the leaks.

The age of your unit plays an important role in determining whether to repair or replace the water heater. Our qualified staff will do an accurate assessment of how severe the problem is and will advise you about repairing or replacing your water heater.

The task may seem difficult to others, not to us. We do repairs and replacements of water heaters on a daily basis, especially in the winter season when the weather is not as sunny in California.

Blocked Drain Repairs

Does your water linger over the drain long after you are done showering? Then your drain definitely has a blockage. It could be hair, dirt or other grime which have accumulated and is causing a blockage, hindering the flow of water to your drainage system. Clogged toilet? You will be amazed with the stuff we find when cleaning toilet drainage systems. That cute toy you bought the little one which you just can’t seem to find? It would have seen better days, that’s for sure!

We have a range of drainage services you can afford like:

Don’t leave your plumbing to just anyone to do, trust us and take advantage of our maintenance plan.

 Water softener services in Placerville, CA

Does your pool look like a river from the Amazon? Are you tired of using products that don’t work?

We have just what you need to get your pool looking fresh and sparkly clean as it should be. Our water softener treatment contains special chemicals and ions which treats the water, removing the hard chemicals and allowing fresh clean water to flow.

We can even help with purifying your drinking water at your home or office. The treatment is applied quickly and easily and has a lasting effect. Our dedicated and trained personnel will guide you to the most appropriate action to take, to get the best possible results.

Next time you need plumbing services in Placerville, CA, call us. You will be happy you made the decision to choose us for all plumbing services in Placerville, CA

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