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Is your air conditioner giving patchy air flow and you don’t know what the problem is? Blue Knight Services are the leaders in heating and cooling services in Placerville, CA
Summer days in California are nothing to take lightly and if your air conditioner is not operating at optimum levels then you will find yourself in a very warm situation. Blue Knight Services will come to you and repair, service or replace your air conditioner to get you going again. We take care of all heating and cooling services in Placerville, CA. Even your furnace or boiler is acting up, we have a solution for you.

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Value for Money Furnace Installation and Boiler Services In Placerville, CA

Your Furnace or boiler may slow down over time, especially if you are using the same unit for a long period of time. Not maintaining your furnace or boiler by regularly servicing and doing intermittent inspections can lengthen the lifespan of your unit. Fortunately, we have the know how and expertise to tackle any of your needs in furnace installation, heat pump repair, boilers services and boiler repair in Placerville, CA.

Furnaces are located in places where it is difficult at times to see any defects or assess any problem by yourself. We will arrange a time and day that is convenient for you and do a thorough inspection of your furnace or heater. Our highly trained staff will advise you on a plan of action that will be cost effective and high in quality. Our aim is to satisfy your needs and keep you as one of our valued, happy customers. Blue Knight Services will not only service or repair your furnace or heater, we will always install a new unit if the need arises. We will only install a new unit after exhausting all other avenues of service and repair to your furnace or heater in Placerville, CA.

We repair commercial and domestic heat pumps and you know with the domestic heat pump, it is exposed to the elements as it is fitted outside on a wall. Rust, dirt and debris can really harm your heat pump. No need to worry, we can assist and have it fixed in a hurry.

AC Service, AC Repair Services, Air conditioning Replacement, Ductless Air conditioning in Placerville, CA

The air conditioner is not releasing cold air as it should, in fact it feels like it’s just circulating the warm air. Call Blue Knight Services for your next AC repair, AC service or AC replacement in Placerville, CA? We have vast experience in air conditioning systems in Placerville, CA and surrounding areas.

We also specialise in ductless air conditioning which have fans that change speed to adjust the room temperature supplying you with cool air all the time. Installing a new ductless air conditioning system can be done in a jiffy with our experts on the job. There could be something wrong with your refrigerant line on your ductless air conditioner which will make it nearly impossible to get good air quality around your home or office. We will repair or replace the refrigerant line at an affordable rate.

Contact Blue Knight Services for all your heating and cooling services in Placerville, CA

We are waiting to take your call. Our expertly trained consultants will guide you to the solution you need to get your air conditioner, furnace or heater in tip top shape with no hassle. Blue Knight Services is a trusted name in Placerville, CA and surrounding areas.

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Trustworthy Heating and Cooling Services in Placerville, CA. We deliver the best results, the first time around. Don’t delay, call today!

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