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How often do you service your furnace? Did you know that you must service your furnace at least once a year? It’s true! This will save you a whole lot of money in the long run. Try us for your furnace maintenance services in in El Dorado Hills. Don’t be out in the cold, help is just a call away.

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Are furnace tune ups important?

Your furnace could have carbon monoxide deposits which hinders the ability of the furnace to perform at it’s peak. At Blue Knight Services we understand the importance of having a furnace that works at it’s best and how to diagnose any problems you may encounter with your furnace. Whether it’s a repair or if your furnace needs new electrical components or a full service, let our highly efficient technicians take the burden off your shoulders and have the problem fixed in no time. We are able- to work quietly and safely allowing you to continue with life while we are working on your furnace.

Why you should choose Blue Knight Services

Blue Knight Services have been servicing the in El Dorado Hills and surrounding areas for many years, with many satisfied customers under our belt.

Services we specialise in include:

Gas tune ups can be a pain in the neck to the untrained technician. At Blue Knight Services there’s nothing we can’t do. Our technicians are able to work on any type of furnace. We offer the most affordable packages to make it easier on your pocket while maintaining the highest level of quality in our parts and workmanship.

Furnace tune up services you can trust with Blue Knight Services

Are you going to let the low temperatures dictate how you live your life? Or are you going to do something about it? There could be many factors affecting or blocking your furnace from working as it should. The burner may need cleaning, the fan belt may need tensioning, electrical components may need to be replaced or the connections tightened. Loose connections in the electrical components cause a host of issues with your furnace. 

Contact Blue Knight Services in in El Dorado Hills. We are the specialists in furnace tune up, furnace maintenance, gas furnace tune up in in El Dorado Hills. Saving you money and giving you expert service is our aim. Our experts are fully certified and experienced in all types of furnace tune ups whether it be for your commercial and industrial buildings or rental apartments.

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Pick up the phone and make the call. We are waiting to assist you with your next furnace tune up in in El Dorado Hills.

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