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Get premium plumbing services in Folsom,CA

Leaks in your drainage system giving you sleepless nights? Low pressure quality on your running water? Don’t hesitate. Call the professionals to have your plumbing sorted out in record time.

Blue Knight Services offers expert advice and fast and efficient service when it comes to all plumbing services in Folsom, CA. Call us to book an appointment for a cost effective solution for your plumbing needs in Folsom,CA.

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Fast and Reliable Plumbing Services near you.

Blue Knight Services technicians are specially trained and qualified in the plumbing services industry and go through ongoing skills development ensuring our customers are provided with superior plumbing services in Folsom,CA.

If you require drainage cleaning, unblocking of drains, general household plumbing services, repair or replacement of pipes and a various range of plumbing services to satisfy you, our valued customer.

There is no plumbing problem we don’t have a solution to. Try us for a unique customer experience that will leave you speechless.

Water heater replacement or repair

Don’t take things for granted until it’s too late! Delaying on plumbing repairs is not only disastrous for your pocket but also for the structure of home or office, directly impacting the value of your property.

We will come to you at your convenience and evaluate the cause of the problem while developing a suitable, affordable solution for you, our valued customer. Leaks in the piping can cause your water heater to malfunction as it has to work harder to provide enough hot water at the correct pressure while having to deal with the challenge of recovering the water lost through the leaks.

The age of your unit plays an important role in determining whether to repair or replace the water heater. Our qualified staff will do an accurate assessment of how severe the problem is and will advise you about repairing or replacing your water heater.

The task may seem difficult to others, not to us. We do repairs and replacements of water heaters on a daily basis, especially in the winter season when the weather is not as sunny in California.

Sewer line repair options

The pipes that form your sewer line are a critical component in the correct functioning of your plumbing system. We offer assistance with the following:

Plumbing that's in pristine working condition can save you money in the long run. Why not try our service maintenance plan for a cost effective solution you can trust?

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Do the best thing for your home today. The longer you wait or try to patch it up yourself, the bigger the issue will become. Contact Blue Knight Services for all your plumbing services in Folsom,CA.

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