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Don’t let the heat in California get to you, give Blue Knight Services a call For all heating and Cooling Services in Folsom, CA.

The heat waves in summer can really put a halt on your plans, especially if your air conditioning system is not performing the way it should in California. Blue Knight Services will assist you with all you need to have your home or office cool and comfortable again. Cold days, when your furnace just won’t turn on? Trust us with your heating and cooling Services in Folsom, CA. We specialise in various heating and cooling solutions.


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Money-saving heater repair and installation

Feel like you can’t turn the temperature up? Is your heater or furnace letting you down instead of keeping you warm? We will assess the unit and advise on a repair or replacement depending on the outcome of the assessment.

A drop in room temperature indicates issues with your heater or furnace. If you are unable to switch the furnace on or if it switches off immediately after being switched on, then there could be an irregular release of gas, meaning there could be a gas leak. Worn out electrical components may need replacing. Our qualified technicians at Blue Knight Services will test to differentiate between the components that need replacing and those that are still operational.

The length of time you have had your furnace or heater, how often it’s been serviced and often it is being utilised are all factors that contribute to whether you should have a service, repair or replacement done.

We will come to you at your home or business and give you a heating solution to suit your needs and pocket.

Cooling Services, Air Conditioning Services

Life is Folsom,CA in summer is definitely not something to take lightly and if your air conditioning lets you down. Don’t despair! Blue Knight Services will have your air conditioner in working order before you can break a sweat. Our efficiency and quality workmanship will have you pleased and confident that you are dealing with a company you can rely on for all your cooling services in Folsom, CA.

When your air conditioner is not keeping you as cool as it did before, there are three things that can be done to fix the problem. You can service, repair or replace the unit. If it has been running for a long period of time, with no service history, replacement may be the only option. We will let you know immediately on the appropriate action to take on replacing, servicing or repairing your air conditioner. We deal with all brands and models of air conditioners and stock premium quality parts.

Call Blue Knight Services for expert Plumbing Services in Folsom, CA

Our trained staff are more than capable in assisting you with your all your cooling services needs. We are just a phone call away. Blue Knight Services has got your back. You are a valued customer from the time you speak to us about the solution you expect and deliver to exceed your expectations.

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Reliable Heating and Cooling Services in Folsom,CA. Don’t let another minute pass by with bad air quality. Call now!

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