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Your electrical panel or main service panel contains fuses or circuit breakers, connecting the external power lines from outside to the internal wires of your home or business. Due to rules and regulations relating to electrical safety, it is necessary to have your electrical panel upgraded occasionally. There are multiple reasons to have your electrical panel upgraded. Whether it be to keep your electrical system up-to-date, to solve electrical supply issues or to facilitate an addition to your home or business, trust our expert electricians at Blue Knight Services to handle your electrical panel needs in El Dorado Hill, CA and the surrounding area. Our technicians can help you decide the best course of action for your specific needs and budget.

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Why Electrical Panel Upgrades are Important to your Safety

It is important to upgrade your electrical service panel every so often to keep you and your family or your employees and customers safe. Eliminate the danger of fire or electrocution from faulty, old or damaged electrical panels. Wiring, fuses, and breakers can become damaged over time, whether it be from accidents, rodents in the home or age, pose a serious risk to your home or business. If you notice damage, overheating or strange sounds coming from your electrical panel, call an electrician immediately.

Some models of electrical panels have been deemed hazardous by the electrical industry and should be replaced as soon as possible. Contact an electrician to find out if your model is safe.

The Benefits of Electrical Panel Upgrades

Having your electrical panel upgraded can help improve the consistency of your power supply and allow for you to increase the amperage to your electrical system.

Do you frequently have issues with your breaker tripping or blown fuses? Do your lights in your home or business flicker? These problems are caused by an inconsistent power supply. Having your service panel upgraded to alleviate these issues, so you no longer have to deal with pesky electrical issues.

Are you looking to expand or put an addition on your home or business? You may need to upgrade your electrical panel to do so. Building expansions or installing additions such as pools, hot tubs, electric cars, and other energy-consuming features demand greater amperage from your electrical system, which may require an upgraded electrical panel. Likewise, the addition of a solar panel will require an upgraded electrical panel, as your home will receive a greater input of electricity and will need an electrical system to support it.

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