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Prepare yourself for unexpected weather conditions today-Call us today 24/7 for you HVAC requirements

With the constant change in weather patterns one cannot determine or have a definitive answer on the expected weather conditions. Experts agree that it is imperative that you make sure that your air conditioner is in tip top condition for consistent and efficient air quality. Whether its a residential and commercial service required we are able to accommodate you always.

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There's no doubt about it. Clean indoor air is a top priority on everyone's list. Call in and ask about our special offers today.

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Affordable rates on air conditioner repairs and installation in Cameron Park

Servicing your air conditioner must be scheduled ahead of time to ensure optimal performance on your unit. You should call us and make an annual appointment so that your unit functions effectively and efficiently. Moreover you will be saving upto 25% on your utility bill as well as contributing to lower carbon emissions. Continued servicing and maintenance will increase you air conditioners life span. 

Why a ductless air conditioner could be the solution for you?

A ductless air conditioner is able to cool your home or property without the installation of air ducts or vents. This is useful if you have added an extension to your property. The best part of having a ductless air conditioning  system is that every room can be temperature controlled with a remote. Take advantage of zoning by setting up air conditioners in multiple rooms by only utilising one condenser. Ductless air conditioners are compact and brings versatility to home.

Looking for a specialist in heating services?

Some of the signs that your furnace requires a service would include:

Our professionals are on standby to give you the best solution. If you rely on your heat pump as the original source of heating and a cooling then it’s in your best interest that you have a HVAC professional service your unit twice a year. Once our specialist has inspected your unit they will advise you accordingly. Servicing done timeously will ensure that all safety measures are met and the unit functions at peak performance. Our technicians are familiar with common issues regarding boilers. We always follow the correct protocol and safety procedures. We take full responsibility to clean up once the job is completed, leaving you to rest easy.

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